Jalapeno Poppers

Fresh jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Made fresh daily.

Golden Fried Veggies

Your choice of Fried Onion Rings, Zucchini Sticks, Fresh Mushrooms or make it a sampler with all three!

Quail Legs

8 Quail Legs, your choice fried or grilled.

Cheese Sticks

Deep fried mozzarella sticks served with ranch dressing.

Fried Pickles or Jalapenos or Both

Served with ranch dressing.


Tortilla chips with queso, beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, and a side of salsa.

Lytle’s Shrimp Poppers

3 delicious jumbo shrimp stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno grilled on our mesquite fire.

Lytle’s Queso

Served with tortilla chips.

Queso Fries

Lytle fries drenched with our delicious queso!

Lytle’s Chips and Salsa

Our own housemade chips and salsa. Bottomless for up to 4 people.

Link of Mesquite Smoked German Sausage

Half link also available.

Grilled Portabella Mushrooms

2 dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and grilled over our mesquite grill.

Mixed Grill Sampler

Samples of our delicious New York Strip, chicken thigh, grilled shrimp, sausage, and quail.

Hodge Pack

Chips and salsa, 3 cheese sticks, 3 jalapeno poppers, buffalo chicken bites and ranch dressing on the side.

Bleu Cheese Filet Mignon Salad

Sliced Filet served on romaine lettuce, topped with Bleu cheese crumbles and bacon. Your choice of our house Bleu Cheese or Basil Garlic Vinaigrette dressing.

Cattle Company Chicken Salad

Grilled or fried. . Two sizes available. 

Caesar Salad

Add Chicken or Salmon.

Classic Wedge Salad

Classic wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with bleu cheese dressing, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, and tomatoes.

Green Chili Stew or Cowboy Stew

Add a cup to an entre.

The Abilenian

The rib-eye we are famous for…our rib-eyes are of the highest quality…heavily marbled.

Sharon’s Rib-eye

Same steak as The Abilenian…just not as thick!

Texas T-Bone Steak

Texans love T-Bones, and this is the top of the line.

Center Cut Tenderloin Filet Mignon

Our filets are thick and require time to be cooked properly. 

Tenderloin Medallions

Delicious ends of tenderloins.

New York Strip

A classic strip. A more dense steak, not quite as tender.

Shish Ka Bob

One skewer of tender steak and marinated vegetables.

Half & Half

One half New York Strip and one chicken thigh.

Tender Farm Raised Quail

Sooo goood! You’ll want to add a third bird.

Fire Kissed Chicken

Tender and moist breast of chicken or two chicken thighs.

Grilled Pork Chops

Two…or a third.

Surf & Turf

Our Filet Mignon with four bacon wrapped grilled or fried shrimp.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Eight shrimp grilled and served on a bed of rice pilaf.

Salmon Steak

A Northwest delicacy cooked up our Texas way!

Yellow Fin Tuna

The mesquite brings out its fresh, meaty taste (tuna is best on the rare side!)

Mesquite Grilled Catfish or Red Fish 

Chicken Tenders

Three fried tenders served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

One Chop

Single Pork Chop served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Mini Fried Shrimp

Three jumbo fried shrimp served over a bed of french fries.

Mini Grilled Salmon

Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Garlic Buttered Bacon Wrapped Shrimp 

Served on a bed of rice pilaf.

Cowboy Steak Fingers

Served on a bed of french fries with a side of cream gravy.

Tenderloin Stuffed Baked Potato

Sliced Medallions nestled in a loaded baked potato.

Mini Chicken Fried Steak

Sharon’s size for the small appetite

Jumbo Fried Shrimp

Six lightly breaded and delicately deep fried.

Fried Catfish

Mississippi farm raised catfish tossed in our special corn meal mix and fried golden brown.

Fried Oysters

Lightly breaded and fried…Sharon likes to preserve the natural plumpness and juices that make oysters so delicious.

Seafood Sampler

A seafood lovers delight a combo of fried catfish, oysters, and shrimp!

Chicken Fried Steak

Our great Texas tradition..voted BEST in Abilene.

Our Brand of Schnitzel

Another of Sharon’s favorites! Chicken fried pork. Served with your choice of cream or brown gravy.

Hamburger Steak

Topped with a rich brown gravy, crispy bacon, sautéed onions & bell peppers.

Chicken Fried Chicken

Juicy tender chicken breast hand battered and deep fried.

Chicken Tenders

Lightly breaded, fried and served with cream gravy.

Lytle’s Sirloin Beef Tips

Delicious sirloin tips simmered with mushrooms and onions in our brown gravy. Served over mashed potatoes.


Chicken or beef with sautÈed onions & bell peppers. Served with two flour tortillas, cheese, pico de gallo, salsa, and beans.

Lytle’s Great Half Pounder

1/2 lb burger served with fries.

Sharon’s Little Burger

Our delicious quarter pound burger with fries.

Lytle’s Chicken Sandwich

Choice of mesquite grilled or fried chicken served on a bun with fries.

Bella Burger

Our great hamburger with a grilled portabella mushroom added.

Veggie Burger

Our classic hamburger with a delicious portabella mushroom instead of meat.

Lytle’s Peach or Cherry Cobbler

Topped with ice cream (big enough to share). Mini cobbler with one dip of ice cream.

Our Sizzlin’ Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Topped with ice cream and baked up especially for you! Takes a few minutes to cook.

Seasonal Cheesecake

Ask your server what we are serving this month.

Mesquite Grilled Sirloin Special

Served with buttery mashed potatoes and green beans.

Mesquite Grilled Pork Chops

Yummy pork chops grilled over our mesquite fire. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Just One!

Single Pork Chop for the smaller appetite. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Grilled Chicken Breast

Or boneless thighs, if preferred. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Mesquite Grilled Tilapia

A local favorite.Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Lytle’s Sirloin Beef Tips

Our delicious sirloin with mushrooms and onions in our brown gravy. (Served over mashed potatoes)

Fried Catfish

Served on a bed of french fries with cole slaw and jalapeno hush puppies.

Lytle’s Lunch Chicken Salad

We can do grilled or fried chicken on your salad.

Low Carb Chicken Salad

Salad with chicken, boiled eggs, bacon, cheese, black olives, tomatoes, and sliced onion.

Stuffed Baked Potato

Topped with your choice of grilled chicken thigh or our homemade beef tips.


Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich




Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Schnitzel Sandwich


Chicken Tender Sandwich

Kid Steak

Served with french fries

Popcorn Chicken

Served with french fries and cream gravy

Kid Burger

Served with french fries

Hamburger Patty and French Fries

Cheese Sticks and Fries